Is Addiction Too Profitable?

While I did not feel adequate, I have people close to me that seemed fine when they were younger.  They did the usual activities.  That included going to school, having a job, dating, or just having fun.  We all change or do we?  Over the years, some move on.  Some people seemingly do not.  Why is there so much of this phenomena?  What may have been enjoyable is not longer enjoyable.  Some people seemingly stay the same.  They are depressed.  Nothing works.  There is a continuous flow of alienation.  It affects others.  There is no initiative.

Their minds are always looking for something from the outside to fulfill them.  In talking to these people, I realize that I was kind of like that.  Earlier in my life, I was at a loss as to what to do or how to do it.  When I was that person, there was no point in someone giving me advice.  Whether it was me or someone else that is still stuck, is this not an addictive process?  You hear and read about the need for the “person to hit bottom.”  I do not feel that there are any bottoms.  While unfortunate, I think there are some people who truly will not help themselves.  That is very distressing.  It is a societal problem.  It is the case with some in my family.  it is seemingly the case with other families struggling with difficult individuals.  I highly doubt that someone can say that they have not been impacted by people who choose not to help themselves.

In addiction, I guess the experts say that tolerance implies that one needs more of a particular substance or what I perceive to be the external object to sustain the illusion of fulfillment.  With the term of addiction, it was created in modern times.  Once upon a time, it was used primarily with those that obviously had serious issues with alcohol or street drugs.  As one needed more of whatever causes physical dependence, more is necessary.  This need for immediate gratification has allowed the individual and the society to avoid responsibility.  Technology has hastened the process.  I fear that we, as a collective society, have been and continue to be faced with the loss of identity.   It is a probable fact that this process may have affected our brains.  Neurotransmitters become reliant to the fix.  It is pathetic that many in this society are addicted to just watching and doing nothing.

In this society, the professionals have the ability to label everybody as an addict.  Pathetically, perhaps, there is a truth to this.  Part of the responsibility why this is lies in each and everyone that is in society.  Certainly, part of the responsibility has to be inherent in the individual.  It is the individual that is alive.  By being alive, we influence others.  Hopefully, by being alive, that influence is good.  At the same time, it is a paradoxical problem when the individual is absolutely impacted by a society that is sick.  Perhaps, there is nothing wrong with some of those individuals that choose to do nothing.  Where did this mystique come from that it is not all right to feel sad or bad?

Putting aide the individual suffering from those that labelled addict, the financial award from addiction for the few is enormous.  There is financial pay off that is extremely burdensome on society and those that have to support the addiction machinery.  Pharmaceutical companies are enjoying record profits.  With the exception of New Zealand, the United States is the only country that allows the pharmaceutical companies to advertise, directly through media, to the public.  In addition to the profits made from the sale of pharmacy, the government through the taxpayers, aid pharmaceutical companies in the research of new array of drugs.

As the definition of addiction is up for debate, so is the case with the definition of happiness.  It is said that people prefer happiness than the truth.  It is also said that ignorance is bliss.  In Huxley’s Brave New World, The World State Controller, Mustapha Mundo, says “Since this is the case, there must be round the clock sensory gratification.  That would include food, drugs, sex and it all.”  I say that you do not have to confront your demons and defeat them.  That is not possible.  What is possible is that you can accept them and help others accept theirs.

I close with the question to myself as to where I found the definition for soma.  Soma is a Sanskrit word for a drug that is a tranquilizer.  It is also found in a phrase that I wrote down that came from somewhere.  Hug me till you drug me, honey:…Love is as good as soma.

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