The Problem with Status Quo

Status quo is a Latin term meaning the existing state of affairs.  To maintain status quo is to keep the state of affairs as they are.  Usually, there are and will always be movements to challenge status quo.  These movements are usually healthy, wise, and much needed.  There are times where zealots promulgate reform.  For those that want to maintain status quo, they recognize that there is an element of risk.  That risk, invariably, involves some fear of change.  That may or may not be all right.  There may be thought process that if we wait, some magical solution will present itself.  Sometimes, something magical does happen.  However, usually that is not the case.  By waiting, it is usually promotes the perpetuation of ambiguity.  I think If one is depressed or addicted, the same holds true.

Ambiguity is the cloud of confusion that keeps us stuck.  It is the cloud where addiction lives and breathes.  In breaking through confusion, the writer attempts to be clear.  In a world that promotes larger interests: it also is a world that diminishes the individual role.  For the enlightened individual, that is not necessarily a choice that one wishes to be coerced in making.  Again, the writer has a responsibility to be authentic to the individuals that we are one with.  Propaganda, construed, positively or negatively, is simply manipulation.  That manipulation is neither benign nor harmless.  It is oppressive.

The most vulnerable to this manipulative and ambiguous society is our most valuable asset.  These would be the children growing up in it.  These are individuals that do not have choices and are the ones that have to live with the directions given to them.  At the same time, as individuals, we are all vulnerable.  Manipulation by societal influences uses methods of deception and illusion.  By use of manipulation, we do not have to think and we relay on the external reference usually provided through the media.  By doing that, it advances the agenda of the manipulator, the stronger one, at the expense of the other, the weaker one.  In a state of ambiguity, we see enhancement of choices that provide the illusion of comfort and security.  In that very arena, the element of abuse is present.  Maintenance of status quo provides the ambiguity associated with confusion.  Confusion or chaos is an environment that is knowingly used to abuse those that are neither capable nor able to make decisions that are correct.

“When Society Becomes an Addict” is a book authored by Anne Schaef discusses how our society is addicted to avoiding.  The notion of avoiding is status quo.  Her statement means the whole community of human beings en masse.  Her point is to get the individual to a place that they can discern anything, including influences from society, to come between the individual and their life.  Through empowering our own lives through deprogramming the relentless propaganda, elimination of wishful thinking, and rejecting outward anything that can not be interpreted as a way of salvation.

When an individual constantly hears the mantras of “do it now,” “I want it now,” or some variation of the same; impulse control has a tendency to go out the window.  Success in America based on chasing money and power has created a completely unnecessary frenzy.  People are simply out of control.  Many of them know that but feel they can not do anything about it.  Others are in various states of denial.  What is the truth is that we are all impacted.  Many will not stop.  Those that do stop are confused about why.  God forbid if one were to sit and reflect.  By not reflecting; we maintain status quo, at least, for ourselves.  That maybe depression.  I wonder not about why depression is increasing.

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