In a Society of Addiction, who is the Leader?

We all belong to something larger than ourselves, our tribe, or our society.  Rather than being narcissitic about their own needs or what they believe to be the needs of the individuals in society, real leaders would rather sacrifice what is theirs to save what is ours.  Sometimes, the real leader has to take risk to challenge status quo.  Rather than accept status quo, and the maintenance of that by impostors, the real leader moves forward.  By doing that, the rest seems to come naturally because the real leader “has his skin in the game of life.”  Rather than be jaded by the illusion of ego, they enhance a culture of service and sacrifice for those that choose to be inspired.  In history, we see real and true leaders that have challenged imposed status quo.  Some of these real leaders would certainly include Jesus Christ, the prophet Muhammad, Buddha, and others.  In my lifetime, modern leaders that would fall into that category would probably include Martin Luther King, Pope John Paul, or Mahatma Gandhi.  My opinion is that one probably can make a case for Mandela as well.

Time and time again, we see posers that use manipulation to gain power.  Rather than empathize with the fellow man, they are enthralled with the illusion of power.  That illusion of control or their lack their lack of is addiction.  Am I correct in calling this so?  I would like to have an opinion or two.  Rather than admit to their own short comings, let alone addiction, the continuation of hypocritical behavior has proven to have had a devastating impact on today’s society.  With disgust, look at the net worth’s and salaries of some of the corporate leaders, the entertainers, and athlete’s.  Why are we idolizing these people?  Are they deserving of this type of idolization?  What is the difference between idolizing someone or something like a drug.

Is it no wonder why we have a society that is overwhelmed with dysfunction?  Whether it physical, familial, emotional, or spiritual; most do not care about anything other than their self infatuation.  Like a cold blooded reptile or fish, this is true.  As certain as these hypocrites are reptilian; it is certain that it is pervasive in society.  Those individuals who are searching in the society still have a right to a sense of belonging and purpose.  That search is their search.  That search has always been there, is there, and will continue to be there.  The real leader respect his or her own search.  They also understand the right of others to theirs.

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