Treatment Centers – Why they do not work?

While I am not a mental health or chemical dependency professional, I think my opinion is well grounded.  I feel that treatment centers, by nature, are mostly educational and group orientated.  There may be other forms of therapy that involve art, music, and recreation.  A lot of it is a bunch of crap. For the most part, there is very little professional intervention.  It is highly doubtful much time is spent with the individual by clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, or addiction specialists.  The cost of such care of too high.  The current system does not allow for this anyway.

It may be true for some individuals to get success.  While I did not, there is material now that is available that suggest that some do better just simply being left alone.  Both the disease model and the AA thought process may be too confining.  Frankly, many people are not going to understand what it means to go beyond the first step which is to admit that they are powerless.  In a way, it seems magical to me that there is some transference of an addictive substance or process to a higher power outside oneself.

The rise of AA came from the influence of the Oxford Group.  Ironically, they were opposed to medical or psychological explanation.  This was an evangelical organization that had Board members on the Alcoholic Foundation, AA’s governing body.  When the Big Book was established, it is true that the American Medical Association (AMA) thought it was far too religious and superficial.  The Federal Government, specifically, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon have embraced both the disease model and the twelve step solution as a beginning and an end.  The Court systems have fallen in step despite the lack of evidence supporting any of this.

Addiction is a label put forth on people as a means of oppression.  At first, it was primarily descriptive to people of color and used as a form of shame and control.  Since power is the basis of the person describing the affliction and the person that has the affliction, it, perhaps, is form of addiction on both parties part.

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