My Feelings About Blogging

Frankly, I have a tendency to take a lot of things personally.  For instance, blogging is one of them.  I have unrealistic expectations that everybody wants to hear what I have to say.  Rationally, this simply is not the case.  Quite frankly, most would care less.

Today, less time is spent on reading.  This is truly unfortunate.  A recent article in the local Dallas paper stated that the average freshman entering college reads at a seventh grade level.  Growing up, I was surrounded by books.  My father was a librarian.  My mother was a teacher.  Both parents expected their children to read.  We had many books.  My father always brought home books.  There was never a shortage of books.  Besides providing factual information, books, particularly, novels, bring the reader to a place of escape.  That form of escape is probably healthier than others that I can think of.

While people may not read your blogs, there still is something special about doing them.  It is a way of journaling that helps the person understand their feelings about a certain subject or their current environment.  It is a way to tell your story.  Because people will judge your story, there is a certain risk associated with blogging.  Just because someone does not read or comment about your story really does not matter.  What matters is that the writer is taking the risk to tell the story and the feeling that are released by doing so.


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