How to use the Label to change Sanity to Insanity?

Today, everything has a label.  This is probably true with any individual.  I have a label.  I am proud to be labeled because it allows me to profess the silliness of it.  In fact, I have had several labels.  Because I am very successful; obviously, none of these labels are deemed relevant.  Am I that aberrant?  I highly doubt it.  It has helped me to sharpen my sense of humor and sardonic attitude.

I will admit that I am kind of an existentialist that accepts that suffering is part of the human condition.  My hero, as an existentialist is Victor Frankl.  Living on this planet does involve some pain.  Certainly, the acceptance of that is probablly the  best course of action.  That  is an internal decision not one that is reliant on external means.  This thought include my conclusion that the perceived professional who can not completely relate to one’s “personal hell.”  Because we are all unique, that is simpy not possible.  Another professional who disposed of her PhD because of her frustration is Ann Schief.  Her thoughts that the current methods of treatment, reliant on labels, are making matters worse not better.  Well, look at the results and they speak for themselves.

As it pertains to the professional, the label is so very important.  It provides the basis for their own personal relevance which is narcissitic. The person being labeled, on the contrary, often times, is shamed by the label.  The label presents the environment where “learned helplessness” comes forth.  Sometimes, that shame is oppressive.  Personally, I know of several who felt that change would never occur.  I have lost count of the number of people in my lifetime who have committed suicide.  By using a label, in the diagnosis, it provides the basis for the professionnal party furnishing the label to secure compensation.  I beleive that this is the primary concern.  While their assistance to the “dis-eased” may be relevant for some, the financial cost was tremendously burdensome for others.  In fact, the financial costs associated with failed treatments is catastrophic.  Please refer to my musings about treatment centers.  So many of them are scams.

While the bastard child of the helping professions, the sociologist and social workers look at the impact on the community by those  that are not contributing.  They may be the most useful but the least compensateed.  How ironic is that?  The cost to society is absolutely not sustainable.  Rather than focusing on the individual, should we not look at the insane environment and finding ways to change that.  If you change the environment, there is influence on the individual.

I noted that my opinion that the preexisting assumption of the label presumes that change is not possible.   The only label that is appropriate is that this society is insane.  In fact, I guess I am still technically in remission.  Being in recovery from depression and addiction; the requirement of honesty and being forthright is important.  By doing so, the secret and the  power associated with shame is purged.  I do not need someone telling me that I am a label that is in remission.  Truly, the thinking behind  this is pathetic.

Presently, American Psychiatric Association is in a quandary.  In attempting to adopt DSM-V, it is possible, perhaps, probable to diagnose anybody walking into the door with a label.  Just about every type of “living condition” can be manipulated into a disease or illness allowing for transferance of financial resources.  Thank God for these  folks that DSM-V provides  the ability to label just about anything and everything.  We have become a nation of individuals that are addicted to twelve step programs, treatment centers, and a plethora of “quick fix” remedies that deal not with causes.

All of this noted above must have been around.  The ancient philosophers are incredibly adept in talking about the human condition.  In doing so, they did pathologize the human condition.  So, what has changed.  The statistics of illness, mental and physical, has greatly increased.  The cost of care is going through the roof.  We are sicker by our choices and the system helplessly guided by treating symptoms.  People look for immediate gratification, guick fixes, and resolution.  God forbid if we suffer even  a little bit.

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