When is the Collapse?

Thinking about this, the question seems irrelevant.  From a societal perspective; are we not already in collapse?  Most everybody acts like “drunken sailors.” As I write this, I am drinking.

In a state of collapse, there is a lack of leadership.  Most individuals are incapable of taking care of themselves.  Our society has been in a state of gradual decine.  As we sit drinking expresso and/or alcohol, dependent on the time of day, we see a culture full  of childish and indulgent people.  We see a government that plays to this indulgence.  While doing so, what goes on behind the scenes is about control.

Listening to Obama the other day, I am dismayed by the continual lack of understanding.  It is incredible that anybody would accept, let alone, respect current leaderahip.  With that being said, it is hard to positive.

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