What Lies Underneath Materialism

If you are a spiritual person, you may have found the source of healing underneath.  You may have found peace as well.  Perhaps, there is a divine presence there.  When the searching for meaning is not necessary anymore, would that be fulfillment?  Where is materialism in that equation?  I do not think it is there.

When two paths become one, there is said to be a union.  Is that unity God? In that union, I think there is something divine.  When I was fighting with myself, there was a sense of loss.  I felt detached.  I was searching for ground.  It is not the external lights and action that furnish ground.  It is not materialism.  In fact, materialism probably causes more confusion and detachment. Materialism is solely objective.  It is selfish.  It is a fascism of types.  Henceforth, control, or the perception of that, is rooted in materialism.

Materialism is oppression.  It has to run contrary to anything that is spiritual.  Because spirituality is free and unbridled, materialism can not be part of that process.  The accumulation of money and material wealth is disrupting.  It is addiction is a very primal form.  In that environment, how can one have a true sense of self?  By continuing to acquire, it would be difficult to maintain a sense of peace or serenity.  The thought that one is defined by their possessions is inherently false.

I really work on not defining myself by my possessions.  It is very difficult work.  I wish I had more trust in the integrity of my fellow human beings.  I know my own experience to be true and genuine.  If I had not had moments of inspiration, I am not sure that I would be privileged to have become spiritual.  I think God for that.

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