Kindred Spirits

Kindred spirits inhabit individuals that share a bond that may be spoken or unspoken.  Whether near or far, that sharing occurs.  There is a deep and genuine connection.  It just is. The sharing may be truly transformative.  Perhaps, it does not necessarily need to be known by either party what has, is, or will be shared.  It will be something that will be determined.  They say things happen for a reason or do we have the ability to affect an outcome.

Have you ever had some describe an experience at the same time that you were experiencing?  Perhaps, you were thinking about some one and that some one was thinking about you.  Then, the telephone rang or something meaningful occurs.  This has happened to me numerous times.  For quite awhile, I thought it was coincidental.  That it was serendipitous.

Synchroncity is a term that is thrown out by a lot of “new age” writers.  The term is used to describe these type of coincidences.  Or perhaps, these coincidences go to what may be termed miracle depending what happened.  With miracles or the exceptional coincidence; synchroncity is not descriptive of the event.   But, there is nothing new here.   This is native stuff that is sovereign to each and every one of us.  Our or my attempt to reduce these type of occurrences as coincidental is rather inane.  It is far too big and special for that.  Whether you think these events are the result of purposeful intention, prayer, or something else; one thing is certain is that they are not meant to be understood.

I think when you declare yourself as a kindred spirit, in a sense, you are asking and saying that you have experienced something at some point that was very special.   Perhaps, it was a miracle.But, we are all special.  We all have the ability to transform ourselves and the world around us.  There should be no question about that.  Those that accept the role as spiritual have an uncanny eye for others that have made the same decision.  When kindred spirits come together or unite, the potential for great power is there.

The decision to come out involves the acceptance that status quo is maintained by fear and loss of control.  But, the only person that has control is your mind and your relationship with God.  Staying in the box is safe.  Getting out and staying out of the box involves faith.  Frankly, I hope the only box I am in is the box that I am buried in.

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