The Impact of ISIS Videos – Why

I have to be frank that I was absolutely horrified by the recent viewing of a Jordanian pilot being burned to death.  I did not sleep last night.  Looking at that is enough for PTSD for some.  The question as to why this horror occurred comes to my mind.  As far as the offenders, the only answer to that question is some perverted need for attention.  The picture is vivid.  It is graphic.  As the prisoner of war was led to his cage, I could not help but notice not one of their faces were shown.  There is nothing but contempt that can be put on this.  Our media plays into that.  By getting our attention, the desired response is fear.  In getting that attention and securing the fear response, these people have our control.

It would seem that there is no politically correct response.  It does not matter if the President deems it an Islamic problem or not.  Religion has been the basis of most of history’s bloody events.  Henceforth, what is presented is really no different than what has occurred in the past.  This is nothing new.  The fact that we have modern and immediate gratification from television and the Internet that bring these horrors to us quicker is not helpful.  Is it necessary to provide this type of information?  I wonder if it would be wise to put some restraints down.

It is apparent that there are no ready answers.  It seems that the environment breeds this type of behavior.  I wonder if one is raised in an environment where there is no hope; that anger comes forth.  I can only imagine.  I do not think we want to imagine. There seems to be more than something to the many theories associated with frustration-aggression.  Killing these people maybe just treating the symptoms.  While that is both prudent and necessary; what are doing about the causes.

If we do not step in as a civilized society; we allow zealots to shape the environment of those that are less fortunate than we are.

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