Writer’s Block

I think it was Ray Bradbury that said that one should write at least 250 words a day.  By doing that, I guess one secures some form of discipline.  Whatever, that means.  Sometimes, one has a problem figuring out what to write about.  I am admit that I have a problem.  By that admittance, solutions come about.  Some writers refer to this problem as writer’s block.  I refer to it as mental fog.  Quite a bit, it seems like I am in that mental fog.

To me, having writer’s block is like similar to trying to fall asleep.  The more you try, the more difficult it becomes.  Like right now, I attempting to write.  I am frustrated so I am writing about how frustrating it is to figure out what to write about.  Such a serious problem.  The irony is when I am laying there trying to sleep is when the material that I can write about comes into clarity.

From this time forward, I will keep my journal near my bed so that I can write these kindred thoughts down as they descend.


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