Why Take Life Personally

This question seems so simple.  But, it is not.  With most everybody, the question resonates continuously.  Over and over, events occur.  Things that we have no control over.  We listen or watch the television.  I despise the news.  Something happens.  So what.  We react.  Automatically, with our emotions and behavior, we presume that it is cause and effect.  Whatever the event or reaction is, we may not know the cause or what the effect is. However; we imagine the worst.  We may take it personally. Rather than do anything constructive, we opine. There is no risk associated with that.  It is easy to complain and be miserable.  It is the American way.

The question is not whether something happens.  The question is whether it matters.  My opinion is that most everything that is happening does not matter.  At least, it does not matter to me.  If it does not matter to me, then does it matter to someone else.  Is that the more appropriate question?  If it matters to someone else, the next question is how can help be provided.  Putting the questions or life aside, the real problem is that many people do not get beyond why something matters to them.

Taking life personally, it seems like we, often times, give up that which is positive.  Taking anything personally is passive.  In fact, there is nothing positive about this choice.  We become selfish.  Being selfish is simply passive.  Taking things personally is simply selfish.  Who cares what you think.  It is how you act that matters.  If you are not acting, your opinion is really not worth anything.  It seems like most selfishness is usually accompanied by fear.  It is that fear that is personal.  Life and fear do not have to be hand in hand.  Whether you want to admit or not, these are choices that allow fear to be in sync with your life.

The effective leader is one that does not take life personally because he or she is not thinking about their own life and improving lot.  It is the life of others that matter.  Please stop taking things personally and put that energy into what you can do for others.

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