So What?

Right now, I am at the office.  It is sleeting.  It is frozen rain.  It is thundering.  The schools are closed.  At the office, no one is here.  I am here.  I am alone.  The question is why.  This morning, I felt that I needed to be here.  For whatever reason, I needed to be here just in case.  Just in case, for what.  No other sensible human being would be here.  Coming down a major freeway, the North Central Expressway, I may have encountered two dozen vehicles, one going sideways over a bridge, and sand-gravel trucks.  That was it.

I made my two necessary telephone calls.  Neither one of them was necessary.  One of them to a contractor that has a preconstruction meeting tomorrow.  Our office has been working on the paperwork associated with the insurance and bonding for this project.  When I called; he was asleep.  I had awoken him.  Obviously, he was not going to the office.  The other telephone call was to another contractor.   He needed our services for bid lettings today and tomorrow.  In calling, it was obvious that he was not going anywhere.  He also asked me if I heard that all governmental offices were closed.  Of course, I heard that but that did not matter.  I felt this compulsivity that I needed to be here at the office.  So what

Sometimes, we do things that make no difference.  We do them because he want to prove to ourselves and others that we are larger than the circumstances around us.  It did not matter that we are having a large ice event.  What mattered was that I was going to do what I was going to do.  And if I can do it, why should everybody else do it.  What stupid thinking?  The bottom line is that I did not want to be home doing nothing.  Maybe, doing nothing is the appropriate thing to do.  There is nothing wrong with nothing.

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