The Power of Quiet

Quiet is good.  Action is even better.  Those that do a lot of talking seem to need a lot of attention. Talk is cheap.  Without an action, it is meaningless.  When you listen to public figures, the message comes across like a “broken record,”  What you hear is the same.  Without action, whether from a public servant or not, these statements are lies.  They are deceptions that only add to the anger and frustration of many others.  Rather than talking, we must know that it is only that.  Knowing that it is only that without action, yes, please be quiet and allow others to act.

With those that act, many of as would rather be quiet.  By being quiet, expectations of the other, whether that is one or en masse, are not heightened.  With the action, one may not succeed.  One may fail.  if we fail, who have we failed.  No public announcement was ever made.  As it pertains to my own mundane and personal goals, is it better to be public or private?

I have decided that my personal goals are my own.  I own my own aspirations.  What I do for others I will do in quiet.  If the involve someone, the other party will find out in due time.  The reality is the surprise of the unexpected is far better than the disappointment of what is expected.  Expectations can become entitlements.  Receiving too many entitlements is not healthy and destroys initiative. When I am quiet, I have the ability to use all my senses.  I learn about the other and the surroundings.  By quiet, there is far more power.  What is the point of needlessly giving it away? That personal power has, is, and always has been there.  Using that power for selfish and attention seeking reasons is a waste of time and personal power.


  1. Long back stopped believing in “broken records” the people who make big promises without any intention to fulfil them, they initially break ones heart but later on it seems only irritating when they again say a big hollow thing.


  2. There’s also the psychological observation that making a statement about what we intend to do will already trigger a bit of a gratification process and can, for a weak-willed, make it more difficult to actually do it.
    Related to this I would say it is also a problematic teaching in self-help circles that self-affirmation (kind of NLP) will do the trick. People will start making repeated claims about themselves, how they want to see themselves, believing that this will eventually make it come true, but what it actually does is eventually make them believe without doubt that this is true. They’re not programming reality into their minds, but belief, and thus resulting inaction.

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    • I think so. There is a therapy that was started by Beck and Ellis known as RET standing for Rational Emotive Therapy. In that process, the client is told to challenge these belief systems or thoughts using positive thoughts or affirmation. I know some of this is supported by positive visualization. I think problem is like physics., Every action, there is reaction. In that resistance, it is easy to tire.

      Rather than fighting, it would seem a lot easier to accept the dichotomous thinking. At least, that has been the case with me. I kind of think that one has to use contrarian thinking to unwind some of this.


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