Ambiguity – A Question

Life is about ambiguity.  Frankly, right and wrong is based on perception.  No perception can be exactly the same.  We can say that perception may be societal or individual.  Society is necessary for a set of laws for the individual to follow.  As long as they are external, then, that is all right.

Ambiguity is a question.  It is a question that is not answered.  Perhaps, it is a state.  It is a state where one attempts to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Maybe, there are things or events that we will never get comfortable with.  Then, we may get comfortable.  Who is to know?  As long as I (we) do not impact the other, this is all right.

There simply are no absolutes.  People’s endeavors to presume or try to find the absolute is just plain stupid.  The only absolute is the fact that there are none.  The fact that there are none leads into the thought that there must be a Higher Power.  It is interesting that people get well by associating with their peers and/or their Higher Power.  I am all right is saying that I believe in God.  I wonder, and I am not alone, if depression or any other mental illness is an expression of dis-ease or discomfort.  What is normal and what is not normal.  Who should be the judge of that?  Is it appropriate to label what is normal and not normal.

Ambiguity of the individual experience seems to make the process of psychiatric labeling impossible.  Yet, it is done.  And, the labeling is getting worse.  At best, the label makes it simple in that it presumes that change is difficult, if not, impossible without intervention.  In order to simplify the ambiguity associated with dis-ease, the diagnosis or label is applied.  It does not matter whether the label is uncomfortable because the economy runs on money and control.

Rather than working on labels, we need to work on getting people comfortable.  When people are all right with their story, the real healing may begin.

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