My Addiction to Depression

I really would like to get some input about what depression seems like to you.


I am free to admit that I am powerless over my addiction to depression.  What does that mean?  Does that mean that I have no control?  No, that is not what I mean.  In fact, my depression is all about control.  I think that depression is “addiction to passivity.”  I am wondering what others think about this.

Frankly, with either depression or addiction, I think that society does not get it.  The dynamics of addiction has a lot to do with control and who has it.  Unfortunately, the individual who is depressed or addicted does not have paid lobbyists in Washington DC.  I recognize that any individual is unique that they are impacted by many influences.  There is inherent complexity in each one of us.  At the same time, I think I can say that depression and addiction have many of the same characteristics.  I think I can also say that…

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  1. I tend to see depression as (apart from of course mindset-based, belief-based) a strategy of energy-conservation in a seemingly hopeless situation. A waiting-approach, sitting it out until external conditions change.


    • Yea, I think in many instances it is mindset. I can see why you would say that it is a strategy. It is a strategy that may involve being taken care of or not having to take responsibility. But, that is real similar to addiction in my mind.


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