Why war when we can have peace?

First of all, do I have an agreement that change comes from peace?  While I am conservative, I am asking the question what does war accomplish?  I can tell you what it does not accomplish.  What it does not accomplish is real or lasting change.  It does not cause lasting peace.  Peace does not come from war.  Look at this country’s history.  In one reason, place, or time; America has been at war for most of its existence.  Someone always has to be a winner and a loser.  How do you define that?  How do we abandon the concept of blame as a precondition to peace?

Secondly, do I have an agreement that war affects everybody?  Whether you are a combat veteran or not; that affect is there.  Whether you are in the fight or not; you are affected.  Perhaps; the better word is infected.  Certainly; anybody as a combat veteran, the affect may be more profound than one that is not.  Still; the fact is that war affects all people.

Reading through various spiritual books, it is all well and good to have a higher principle that involves love and peace.  Action speaks louder than words.  Peace involves more risk than war.  In that peace would involve the “letting of control,” it would be difficult.  Let’s understand that this difficulty is one of a few rather than the many.  The idolization of war is the full extension of the need for control.  And it is about the control of the few.

As life is a process, peace is a process.  Both are journeys.  Out time is finite.  Legacy’s are lasting.  Are we building or destroying?  For what reason and for whom?  When one understands that none of this matters; we move on.  When one understands that we come from the same place; that we are brothers and sisters; and that as we fight and the pain is shared by all; will that end conflict.  Maybe not but we can hope.


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