The Question “Why Me?”

Whether it is ourselves or circumstances; I believe that this question is the most asked question that we all have.  Why is that?  Why should I or anybody else care? Why not me?  Most of the time, the question is associated with self pity.  It seeks out sympathy and attention.

Miley Cyrus; not a fan; has a lyric in a song that states “Why me – try me.”

Take helplessness out of the equation.  Also take entitlement out of the equation.  The world is not interested in either.  In the evaluation of “why me;” here are some other questions:

  • Who did you piss off?
  • Did your name just happen to come up? Who knows?
  • If your name just happened to come up, so what?  If so what; who cares?

Rather than ask, why not act like you have been chosen.  Think about this.  Try to provoke your own thought. If it was so easy, maybe, you could say that you would not have been chosen.  Rather than pity yourself and looking for sympathy from others; consider yourself honored.

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