Vitamin D and Me

Over the course of a lifetime blessed with the occasional depression and a constant state of moodiness; something as simple as Vitamin D never entered my mind.  After all; Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin.  The sun is the greatest source of this.  So what.  Why should that matter?  Like many others, my profession is one that is mostly inside.  Because my job is mostly inside, this is probably the reason why I was short of Vitamin D.

I find out that Vitamin D is the second most ordered blood test in the United States.  The defeciency is linked with all kinds of bad results including cancer, heart disease, and, yes, my favorite, depression.  So I get the Vitamin D results two years ago and find my number in the toilet.  I think my number was 10 and my physician noted that this was the lowest he had ever seen.  Being in the State of Texas, you would think that this is not possible.  Possibly, the delusion would bring you to thinking that the Texas sunlight would penetrate all building material including concrete.  Well, it does not.

I understand the need for sunshine.  Reading material about Seasonal Affectional Disorder (SAD), Vitamin D defeciency and this type of depression must be real.  The first time I came across the acronym SAD was about ten years ago.  An underwriter noted that he used sun lamps to help with his emotions.  At thee time, I thought this was some form of delusional thinking.  Reading that the State of Alaska has, perhaps, the highest percentage of suicide in the country is more than suggestive about a linkage.  That being our body’s need for sun.  If you are not outside, you probably need supplementation.  At least, that is what I have and can attest.

Personally, I was taking up to 50,000 IU (pharmaceutical) for 90 days.  I went with D3.  This vitamin is known to be hormonal.  Vitamin D is fat soluble.  Fat soluble supplements have the potential of toxicity.  I think common sense says that a medical doctor be consulted.  Currently, I take 10,000 IU to maintain a satisfactory level.  The bottom line is that it has helped.  I know that my issues with depression were alleviated by making this adjustment.  My energy levels went up.  My sleep has improved.  So that is what I say about Vitamin D.


  1. I take D3 as well, I’m not sure how many IUs. I take it in liquid form, and I take 2 droppers full of it a day. Personally, I can tell when I’ve forgotten to take it. It also helps to not get colds as well. Can’t go wrong with it!


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