Being Simple is not Stupid

“I would not give a fig for the simpicity on the side of complexity, but I would give my life for the simplicity on the other side of complexity.”

The above quote is from Oliver Wendell Holmes.  It is a quote that predates the statement known as the KISS principle.  The acronym stands for Keeping It Simple Stupid.  The irony of this acronym is that it suggests that keeping it simple is stupid.  I know.  Not the case.  While the intent in the usage of the acronym is not suggestive of that; it is interesting to think about this.  It says that simple is stupid.  Society suggests that simple is stupid.  I really do not think that a reader can argue with this.

We live in a society that presents so many alternatives.  In fact, the more complex, the better.  Technology rules.  Technology lives on man’s narcissism to perfect the notion of ideal.  In doing so, the presentation of these alternatives brings about chaos.  It does not matter who you are.  The reality of getting it right, making the best choice, is made more difficult by technology.  The potential of harm is greater.  By the way of the presentation;  the choices are illusory.   The end result is bullshit.  That is what I think.  Opting for these choices brings frustration.  It does for me.  I see that is bullshit.  The only reality is that there are no absolutes.  There are no silver bullets.  The presentation, that which is manmade, will never be flawless.

Keeping it simple accepts the fact that comlexity is present.  It accepts that there is no certainty.  What I think is that simple is certain and that is not stupid.  It is simple to know that certainty is uncertainty.

While attending a conferance of construction attorneys, these are my musings of the day.

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