Worry – A Form of Perverted Prayer

Dr. Larry Dossey was a well known medical doctor from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center here in Dallas, Texas.  During and after his tenure there, he has authored quite a few books.  Some of them are best sellers.  He is a great author who has helped many, including myself.

One of the beliefs that Dossey and many others have studied is the power of prayer.  There is a general consensus that prayer can have a positive effect on the patient or person.  But, there is positive and negative prayer.  Letting go or letting it pass to a higher power is a form of positive prayer.  We do that by positive imagery and affirmation.  Meditation and guided imagery is something we all ought to be doing and those doing it, including myself, probably should do more.  Through that, I think that a higher power presents the necessary result and we live with that.

If it is a negative thought, do we hold or let it pass? I am wondering if worry is a perverted prayer. Again, there is both positive and negative prayer.  Rather than using positive imagery or affirmation, we dread.  We may think about the worst possible result.  If positive affirmation and prayer has a tendency to bring more positive conclusions; is worry, then, a perverted form of prayer?  That is the question that I have.  For some, there is a self fulfilling prophecy that comes seeming creates the results that we worry or think about.

Over many years, I have been the classic “worry wart” always concerned about my fears of failure and rejection.  Those fears may be normal for many.  We all worry some.  But, I allowed those thoughts and feelings to become obsessions and ruminations.  I also allowed them to provide an excuse to use compulsive behavior to purge them.  While compulsive behavior may work for while, you come back to the same miserable place.

Worry is what I have done well.  Inherently, it is something I do internally.  I have created it.  Nothing outside can cause what I have done internally which is to create worry.  If I had no control over it, I worried. Whether I worry about myself, about something, or someone else, I know that it was not necessary.  Whatever I am worrying about, I recognize that worry is about me and that is selfish.  It is inherently narcissitic.  It is passive.  There is nothing active about worry.  While I  may have been in denial about why I worried, it does not matter. When I worried about something or someone else, I was worrying about the potential loss of that object or other. Listening to others complain about their worry, it sounds real familiar to what I experience.  I present that question to others.  Is worry a negative prayer?  If that worry goes to the point where we are dreading, visualizing the loss, and so forth; does that not seem like that would do exactly the same as if it was a positive visualization.   I submit that is negative prayer.

Writing about worry is easy for me.  I am still pretty good at it.  It is easy to do.  But, when any of us do it, are we idolizing an object other than staying in the present moment.  What do we do?  For me, I need to focus on keeping my feet on the ground and moving straight ahead.  I think this form of worry is often misconstrued as caring.  That is not caring.  Caring is active not a passive event.

My Sunday Musing…..


  1. The power of reality-creation lies in what we would metaphorically call our heart. You could also say emotion. Heartfelt wishes have a better chance of coming true, at least in the realm of things outside of our control. (Very complex topic, my words don’t do it justice.) But it also works the other way: When we worry and when those worries are touching us on an emotional level – as is so often the case with repressed stuff working subconsciously – this is the same process. We fuel negative outcomes with our negative emotions.
    As I said though, it’s highly complex, and I don’t understand everything. Feeling negative emotions is often better than not allowing yourself to feel/live them. By expressing them, you burn up their energy instead of inviting it.

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    • Heartfelt wishes are really intentions. Intentions and prayers are probably the same. They can be either positive or negative. I think we have to be very careful what we pray about. It is important to express rather than repress. I think that the expression of these feelings becomes cathartic and releases spiritual energy.


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