My Love Affair With Tequila

As I write this, I am enjoying my shots of Tequila.  My specific attention is with the Anejo  brand of tequilla.  For those that do not know, these are tequilas that have been aged in the Tennessee barrel for at least eighteen months.  What is interesting is the history of this drink.  What is also interesting is the pride that  goes into the  production of this great liquor.  That pride is also goes into the artwork associated with the bottlles.  For whatever reason, I collect the bottes.

It is my  goal to drink a bottle of tequilla a week.  Some of these anejos can not be distinguished from thefine Scotchs.  Both sit in oak barrel and take the essence associated with that.  I usually two to three shots a night.   Sometimes, I have more.  Many of us  do not know what tequila means.  It means the spirit.  It helps my spirit and no, I am not an alcoholic.  Quite the contrary.   I also drink Mescal.  I eat the worm.  No, it does not have a hallucinengic element.  However, I had a psychiatrist friend who claimed that  he hallucinated on Mescal.

There are three types of tequila.  Those are mixto,blanco, reposado, and anejo.  It is the mixto brand that willl probably get you hung over.  Perhaps, the most common bar brand is Cuervo.  Mixto is only 51% tequila.  The other 49% comes from gluten bearing products such as barley, wheat, and oats.  Bear in  mind that good tequila is 100% made out of the blue agave.  This plant is used for aloe vera and has natural anti-oxidant qualities.  It is truly the paleo drink.  Recent studies suggest that tequila may help health issues.  Some of that, in moderation, may include digestive issues.  There is also some suggestion that Tequila may  help prevent amyloid plague development in the brain. Henceforth, it may help against the development of Altheimer’s.

Tequila is definitely a  drink for the Southwest.  Well,I am Texan.  With picke juice, it is no surprise  that bikers drink tequila when they are rolling.  Knowing that tequila is inherently more healthy  than the other distillled liquors, the hydration associated with pickle juice probablly willl prevent any lingering hang overs.  However, I plead the fifth specific to the times when tequila has bit me in the ass.

There is some confusion about the difference between tequila and mescal.  As noted, tequia comes from the blue agave plant.  Mescal, known as the blue collar version of tequila, comes from the green agave plant.  Another point of confusion is where tequila is made.  No, there is no tequia produced in Texas.  It may  be shipped up  here from Jallisco but this is  a Mexican product and will and shall remain that.

For those that have been down to Jalisco, the production of tequila is kind of similiar to the IPA production associated with the microbrewers up here.  I love trying to tell the differences.  There is not one bottle that is the same as the other.  They are all different.  God bless tequila.

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