Ambiguity – Problem or Solution

Ambiguity is a word that has always interested me.  When something is ambiguous, there is no absolute.  This is kind of like life.  There is really no right or wrong. There really is no objective opinion.  All opinion is subjective and is unique to itself.

Ambiguity can bring up the question.  The question seems to be answered by getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.  Perhaps, depression and mental illness, is an expression of this.  I wonder what it would be like if we, as a community, would become comfortable with these type of expressions.  Rather than having one’s perception reduced or relegated to the label, our tolerance and overall trust level would increase, wouldn’t it?

I wonder if we treated depression or mental illness as dis-ease or an amplification of that individual’s perception, what would happen.  Sometimes, allowing the person some quiet would be helpful  Just wondering.  My musing of the day….

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