Mental Gymnastics

In finding meaning in our life; it does not mean we need to perform mental gymnastics.  In performing those gymnastics; we unconsciously look to maintain status quo.  I think that status quo means conformity or acceptance.  Status quo that is established by family or society.  Whatever it is; it seems that this need for acceptance is “hard wired” into most people.  It also involves the thought that there is a greater force more powerful than ourselves or the other.  Perhaps, that is true.  Is that the reason why the Bible continues to be the best seller of all time.

What I object is society’s attempt to focus our attention on what is the worst.  It neglects most everything else that is unique or potentially positive.  Media does a great job is selling short term solutions.  It does not root out causes.  These short term illusions are illusions that provide gratification for the moment.  Hope is an individual choice that comes from an atmosphere of acceptance, love, and reverence.  It is the antithesis of fear.  If we are writing, it would seem that the author needs to compel the reader to believe that more is possible.  It is in this hope that spirituality dwells.  It is the exception that prevails.  It is also where peace and serenity lives.

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