Just Another Suicide

Well, there was a fifteen year boy here in McKinney, TX who committed suicide.  I looked at his picture in Facebook.  He is good looking kid.  The high school he was attending was Boyd.  His older sister I think is graduating with my daughter.  She knows her.  His body was found in a ditch by El Dorado Drive.  While  there, this is the second suicide that my daughter has been exposed to.  Why?  When announced at school, there was shock and disbelief.  This is a school that is full of kids from middle to upper class.  It is a school that very well financed supposedly full of resources.  Grief counselors were there.  Yes, the rotunda was quickly filled with flowers, cards, and many sitting stunned.  I am sure that there is a cross where the body was founds and I suspect that spot is temporary  memorial full of the same.

Recalling my days in high school, suicide was never discussed.  It was something that seemed odd.  You just did not talk about it.  Back then, kids were bullied and little was done about that either.  In this instance, the boy was bullied.  He compained about it.  In comments  made by those that knew him was that he had a big heart and that he would do anything to help out.  Who was there to help him out?  Yes, he is gone now.  But, he left many asking the same question why.  He had his life in front of him.  He had a family.  With that said, there is failure because this kid did not feel he had a choice.

You can say that one makes a choice.  And that these choices can include suicide.  But, there are kids.  They are not individuals that have been exposed to the world yet.  Because of the bullying, it is understood, too late, that the kid asked to be transferred to another school.  That request was not furnished.  Why?  Rather than suicide, that choice should and could have been provided to this kid.  McKinney has two other high schools.  Therefore, one would not only think that this could have been arranged but simply done .  On this; I guess we miscalculated.  I think we miscalcuated the other suicide that was alluded to earlier.  That kid jumped from high place.  Could something have prevented it?

Suicide is discussed today.  My daughter says that a lot of kids are depressed.  It is not unusual for friends to think and talk about suicide.  If properly processed, that talking stops the isolation and hopelessness that so often accompanies depression.  Bullying is also discussed.  Allegedly, purposefull plans of prevention and no tolerance is in place.  Well, if that is the case, then one thinks that this kid just “fell through the cracks.”  No, that is not accurate thinking.  This is a failure, pure and simple


  1. I think the way parents raise their children can really make a difference when it comes to suicide because of bullying. Maybe the thought process of the victim can’t really be changed because of their sensitive emotions and lack of knowledge but if kids are told about priorities and kindness maybe the potential victim won’t suffer the criticism to a big extent, maybe a better society could be created. When I was little I was told to be good to everyone whatsoever and I did follow them also my parents have been close enough and understanding to share whatever happens. If parents would be more closer to their kids, spend more quality time and tell them they’re not alone, I think no kid will get hopeless enough to take his or her life.

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    • Yes, it is a tough job being a parent. In many cases, the parent does not have what the kid needs. When it comes to love and abandonment, many pass both the good and bad. Abandonment and lonliness are issues that are really tough. We must and shall do what we must to take care of our kids. We must make this better place and remove selfishness so apparent.

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