Medical Food For Depression

About three weeks ago, I was rapidly spiraling into a major depression.  The same type of symptoms that I had experienced in the past were coming forth — the main ones being sleep deprivation, anxiety, and some suicidal ideation.  As fast as I was slipping down this depression, my ascent out was nearly as quick.  And my emersion from this most recent episode is a result of consuming Deplin.  So I want to address Deplin.

First of all, Deplin is not a synthetic drug.  It is referred to as medical food.  Medical food(s) are essentially nutritional supplements that are purposely manufactured for medicinal reasons.  Medical food is not available at the supermarket.  Nor is it available over the counter.  It must be prescribed by a physician.  Most likely, the doctor will order that blood work be taken to determine the existence of a deficiency of folic acid (B9) and how much nutritional supplementation to augment the deficiency.  Deplin is a type of nutritional supplement that is pharmaceutically pure and contains no additives.

Obviously, the speed in which I was helped out of my depression seems to make it imperative that I talk about this.  Until this last episode, I was not aware of medical food — let alone Deplin.  My understanding is that Deplin uses an enzyme known as L-Methylfolate which has proven more efficient than the conversion process related to taking folic acid or vegetables that contain folic acid.  Folic acid has always been recognized as a brain chemical.  Many individuals are not able to convert folic acid to L-Methylfolate efficiently.  A study recently suggested that seventy percent of depressed people do not have enough L-Methylfolate.

When you take in L-Methylfolate (Deplin), it crosses the brain barrier immediately.  It goes to work in creating more serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine.  Recent date, available on the Internet, suggests that combining Deplin with other serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI’s), such as Prozac, may double the response time.  Oftentimes, it will take two to three weeks before an SSRI will become therapeutic.  That has been the case with me.  Ever more convincing is the fact that Deplin has no known side effects.  I know that I have not had any.  I also learned that you can not over dose from it.


    • I know that the research or written material that I read was about depression. I am not bi-polar but I suspect that it helps. Medical food started coming on the scene about three years ago. I also understand that tryptophan with Deplin may even be more powerful

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      • Ohhh ok. That makes sense. I have treatment resistant depression but thankfully been on same meds for over 12 years. I take 30 mg. Adderall n 300 mg EffexorXR in AM. The adderall helps combat drug induced stupor I wake up to and keeps other meds working. Then 125 mg Pamelor (older type of antidepressant) at night.


  1. So you are on a SSRI and tricyclic. I have used both of them but not in tandem. I have not used Adderall but have tried Ritalin. I know that the tricyclics are sometimes used to help with sleep. I used Elavil and Pamelor back in the 1980’s. Yes, thankfully, I have found the right medications as well. My regiment is Paxil and Klonapin. (2mg) Now enhanced by medical food.


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