Why So Much Attention to the Weather

Why so much attention to the weather?  Why does it matter so much whether it rains or shines?  The news programs focus predominantly on the weather.  Often, it seems, thunder storms are given the urgency of tornadoes.  Rain is in the forecast whether it’s ten days off or a hundred miles away.  So the question at the beginning of this conversation is, how much does it really matter?

No controls what Mother Nature throws at us.  Talking about it will not change what is happening or what will happen.  Talking about the weather may simply be a coping mechanism.  Or it might mean we have nothing else to talk about.  Really now; that is pathetic.  I sometimes wonder if the conversation around the weather is a sign of social anxiety–as if the weather is a common denominator.

Frankly, the weather does affect me.  Sometimes, I have to admit that my personality mirrors the weather, specifically my mood.  And the range in mood changes is between minor discomfort and out and out major depression.  We even have a label associated with this called Seasonal Affection Disorder (SAD)>

But then there are rainy days that have no effect on me.  Either way, whether I am affected by the weather or not, I can certainly live without the need to talk or be reminded about it.  Perhaps, it would easier to cut to the chase.  What if we did not talk about the weather?  Why not let ourselves be surprised by it.  Of course, I am not suggesting that appropriate warnings not be posted when necessary.  It just seems that enough is enough.  When I’m watching television or listening to the radio, I do not need to know about a thunderstorm that is 150 miles away.  Why cut into my enjoyment of watching something that might be funny?  There has to be a better way that involves some common sense.

If we set the weather aside, we could actually have some potential to enjoy some meaningful conversation about some subject matter that actually matter.  We could ask questions about how we feel about some current event or some matter of personal importance or something we’ve been putting off?  Or what we would do if our wish of the moment were granted.  By the way, what is that wish?  Hopefully, the response has nothing to do with the weather or why that is making you unhappy.

If we reverse the order of questions and think about matters over which we have some measure of control, perhaps, we would experience some change.  But letting something innocuous, like the weather, get in the way only stops the process of real conversation.  Then, like the weather, nothing really matters.

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