Why am I tired? It is routine…..

I am tired of being tired.  So why am I tired?  I seem to get enough sleep.  I take a lot of supplements, and I take relatively good care of my body.  I do not drink.  I quit dipping tobacco.  I work out–although, I could do better.  I think I have come up with the answer:  I am tired of routine.

And observing others, I know I am not alone.  It seems that many of us are just going through the motions.  I am going to try to resist that–even if it’s with simple acts of resistance.  When I look at my daily routine, I often get his:  I get up.  I take a shower.  I go to work.  I got to the gym.  I go home.  I pet the dogs, talk to the family, and watch television.  There is something addicting to routine, doing something over and over again.  It is both addicting and tiring.

Routine is a coping mechanism.  If we have a routine, we know what to expect, we know what to do.  At the same time, if you expect something different from living the same routine, didn’t someone call that insanity?  I wonder what the general consensus would be for many of us, if we were honest.  Would we know whether we are content or not?

Being trapped in a routine is not all bad, but, it is not contentment.  Part of our routine is sleep.  And sleeping may be contentment for some.  But what does that have to do with right now?  If you are reading this blog, I guess you must be awake.

As I write this blog–wide awake–but I am also bored.  And when I am bored, I find myself getting tired more easily.  Routine is just boring.  There is little, if any, fulfillment or contentment with routine.  There is little excitement with routine.  Routine and idleness may turn into one and the same. You may be doing something physically, but your mind is not there.  Routine, idleness–it’s the devil’s workshop!


  1. Ditto, Routine is safe as it is familiar,fear prevents you venturing into the unknown it is like a psychological agoraphobia!


  2. I’ve been tired a lot lately but that’s usually not enough sleep and my meds. Routines are comforting but they do get monotonous. I just really need a vacation LOL. Hang in there 🙂

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  3. I can say that I am only 22 and yet I felt every word you wrote as one of my own. Routine can be necessary for a day to day living, work, eat, sleep, repeat. I lack adventure lately mainly because im just one huge mess of a person as of lately so leaving my comfort zone freaks the hell out of me but I push myself now more than ever, to take that jump, go sign up for classes, salsa dancing or take a road trip.

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    • I will take that as a compliment. That is kind of you to say that. Sometimes, you have to say WTF. Routine can kind of suck. I wish I was 22. But then I again I would trade any of my life away. There is so much to do. Live it and live it fully. If it writing, do it passionately.


  4. I appreciate your feed back on my post, and I thank you for that as it led me to this page! Routine is being comfortable, secure. It limits what we are able to see, feel, do, find. I think that those are the biggest drawbacks, of course aside from it being boring as mentioned.


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