No Silver Bullets

Well, I thought I would give an update on this book.  The book is being published by Brown Publishing.  They are wonderful people that have been very supportive.

I am going to say that this is memoir.  It is about my own experiences with depression and addiction.  I emphasize “my own experiences.” The title speaks for itself.

In an environment that prompts immediate gratification, expectations become unrealistic.  People tend to look for solutions that are complete and absolute.  When not found, frustration and anger occur.  Sometimes, that anger goes inward.  Depression and addiction may occur.

Life is about uncertainty and grappling with ambiguous.  In ambiguity, solutions are found.  I consider ambiguity as a state of internal process.  It is in that internal chaos where we are and where our solutions are found.

The only certainty is uncertainty.  As a famous zen master, Suzuki, implies, “Life is a like the water in a river.  It just flows.”  We can not stop it nor can we control much.  Let it go.


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