Depression is a Label


Depression is very personal.  Since we are all unique, there are no common denominators.  Certainly, it is not easily defined.  Henceforth, the use of the label as description of an individual is somewhat inappropriate.  The label is an unnecessary source of shame.

Despair comes about when a person falls into a hopeless place.  That place can be very vulnerable.  It is place where one can lose one’s perspective.  You may lose any sense in life.  You may be disorientated and desperate.  Because of this vulnerability, it is possible to put too much reliance on external comment or advise.  It is also a place where one can become dependent or, even, addicted.

I think that because depression is so personal, that solutions are not so much from the outside but come from within.  With myself, the realization that came out is that this environment seduces the person to look to external solutions.  It is this environment that promotes immediate gratification that may cause more problems than it solves.  The process of suffering, in and by itself, is not inherently bad.

As humans, we all suffer from the condition of being just that.  Feelings, emotions, and the internal experience does not come from somewhere other than from within.  The sharing of these experiences is what is cathartic.  It is the narrative itself that helps the person that is suffering and the healer.  In order for that healing to occur, both parties need to be on the same playing field.  Titles and egos really have no bearing in the realm of our internal and existential being.

We all can be trapped in our own little worlds.  And they truly are our own little worlds.  We can talk about that and that sharing may relieve the tension.  Thinking that one experience is the same as the other is naïve.  But, that is what the world is trying to convey and sell.  Helping others by expressing or listening may be a way out.  The process of giving and hearing a personal story is sacred.  The ability to listen without any agendas and with a true sense of selflessness is a sign of a compassionate leader or healer.  Those leaders and healers know and accept the fact that we are wounded.








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