Communication: A Mindful Look at a Modern Conundrum

In honor of #SmilePowerDay on June 15, I’m revisiting my recent words on the power of communication and adding to my commentary on the intangibles of modern connection; I hope today offers you many opportunities to share you own thoughts – and plenty of smiles. 


Communication is one of our defining tools. It is also one of our deadliest weapons. What we say, how and where we say it, and to whom can all have a tremendous impact. The environment and the listener’s own state of mind only make the impact greater and less predictable. Emotions come into play. Statements are taken out of context. And there is a strong possibility that the resulting reaction may be completely contrary to the intention, whether positive or negative.

You cannot get a hug or a smile from a computer screen or text message. Yet, so many people would rather connect through technology. Which typically leads to misinterpretation, or at best, meaningless and unfulfilling chatter.

Social media quickly escalates this problem when it’s in the hands of those that need immediate gratification. The lack of online prudence is evident. Making the influence and significance of face-to-face communication all the more clear.

Simply put, there is an authenticity and an aura to one-on-one connection that can’t be found in the glow of a computer screen. So, how do you responsibly use, share, and channel emotion in modern communication – both spoken and unspoken? That is the question, and there is no bullet-proof answer.

However, I can make today a mindful exercise in honesty and transparency, and I can pursue every opportunity to share a kind word or response, or smile.

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