Meet the Author


Brent Blonigan is a successful business man and entrepreneur, originally from a small town in Minnesota. Growing up in that small, Catholic town shaped him, for better and for worse. For most of his life Blonigan has struggled with depression, and has also faced problems with addiction.

Now knowing that he is not alone in his suffering and struggles, Blonigan seeks to provide help in a world that is increasingly over-medicated by the pharmaceutical industry. Blonigan believes that true healing and redemption occur through sharing stories and learning from our experiences as well as others’. He believes that no silver bullets exist that can cure the illness that is depression, and hopes to contribute to the dialogue on depression and its many side effects with his book, There Are No Silver Bullets: My Family, My Depression (Brown Books Publishing Group). By allowing conversation to flow, and sharing our thoughts, theories and personal testimonies, we can come closer to understanding – and treating – this debilitating disease, and in a much healthier way.

Blonigan now lives in the Dallas area with his wife and family, and he strives to be a light and exist as a sign of hope to those who are confused and suffering due to this mental illness.



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